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Mediterranean Climate

Winters are mild and pleasant with an average 14 °C air temperature. Summers are warm and dry with an average air temperature of 26 °Celsius.


Flora and Fauna

Diverse and lush Mediterranean and sub-tropical evergreen vegetation covering the coast and islands is a result of the pleasant Mediterranean climate. A large part of the coast features vineyards, olive-groves and citrus fruits.



Dubrovnik is the centre of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County with 50.000 residents. The people are warm, helpful and friendly to foreigners. Tourism has a long tradition and the main occupations of residents include gastronomy, hospitality and seafaring.



The Dubrovnik Airport is only 22 km away from the Dubrovnik Old Town.

International air carriers connect Dubrovnik with all major cities in Europe. Croatia Airlines is a national air carrier which directly connects Dubrovnik with European cities via Zagreb. The well-known air carriers operating to Dubrovnik include Lufthansa, Iberia, Austrian Airlines, Finnair, Air Malta, Malev, Germanwings, Air Lingus, Blu 1, Vijeling, Monarch, Europe Airpost, Easyjet, Jet 2, BMI baby, Luxair, Air Berlin, etc.

There are ferry connections from Dubrovnik to other harbours on the Croatian and Italian coasts (Bari, Ancona), and the Adriatic motorway is connected with Croatian highways, making Dubrovnik accessible by car.



Dubrovnik's exquisite architecture, historic monuments, museums, galleries, historical venues and its perfectly preserved medieval city walls have put Dubrovnik on UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.



A warm and balanced Mediterranean lifestyle. Dubrovnik enjoys more than 250 sunny days in a year, moderate temperatures, and an interesting mix of rural and cosmopolitan feel. Coupled with rich Dubrovnik history, the warmth and hospitality of the Mediterranean people, full and quick access to decision makers and a European way of life. An unique mixture that you can not see in other parts of Croatia.


Main Attractions

  • The Old City of Dubrovnik
  • The City Walls
  • The Island of Lokrum
  • The Elafite Islands
  • Fort Imperial


The City of Festivals

Dubrovnik is the home of more than 60-year-old Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Libertas Film Festival, the Julian Rachlin and Friends Chamber Music Festival, the Historic Festival, the Early Music Festival, the Oyster Festival and the Festival of St Blaise.



Dubrovnik has a large selection of restaurants ranging from budget restaurants to high-class ones. Total number of restaurants is around one hundred, all offering meat and fish specialities (there are some vegetarian restaurants also). Catering is available in all historic venues for M.I.C.E. purposes.


Medical and Health Tourism

Dubrovnik General Hospital and private polyclinics offer all kinds of medical and stomatological services. Stomatological services are particulary popular because of quality stomatologists and affordable prices comparing to EU prices.



The Dubrovnik surroundings, coast and islands offer numerous possibilities for organising excursions by boat or by bus, as well as walks and adventures that will enhance your stay in Dubrovnik. For a complete offer, please visit "Excursions" section on Avansa travel website.