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How to choose your cabin

Q:How big are the cabins?
A: Cabins offer enough places to sleep and the place for traveling bag. They're functional and mostly equipped with two beds, little wardrobe or open shelf. A+ and A category cabins have own bathrooms with shower and toilet.

Q: What kind of bed do cabins have?
A: A + category ships have either twin or double beds. Some cabins can accommodate 3 persons -- double bed and an extra bed above the double bed. Because of the limited number of different beds, we are not in a possibility to confirm or guarantee a specific type of bed, but we try to allocate guests according to their wishes. So if you demand specific type of bed, we kindly ask you to note that to us while making a reservation, and we will try to fulfill your wishes.

Q: What is difference between below deck and deck cabins?
A: Cabins are situated on deck and below deck.. Main deck (deck on which you step on as you embark the ship) . ON DECK CABINS can be situated on the MAIN (deck on which you step on as you embark the ship ) and on UPPER deck (deck on top of the main deck). Cabins below deck are actually in the hull of the boat. Advantage of cabins situated on deck is the direct exit on sea and more fresh air, while cabins below deck are sometimes more quiet (only fellow passangers who booked BELOW deck cabins will pass by and not all passangers from your ship as well as other ships when docked) and comfortable because they're situated in a sea level that chills cabins and hallways below deck are often air-conditioned which effects on a temperature in cabins. Cabins below deck mostly have little portholes.

Q: Are cabins cleaned during the week?
A: Your cabins are cleaned and bed linen is fresh before your arrival. On A category boats two towels per person are provided. The crew does not enter in your cabins during the cruise, so you need to keep your cabin clean by yourself. Crew also does not clean your toilets and bathrooms, beside those which are commonly used. It is possible to organize cleaning of your cabins during your cruise at extra price upon your request.

Q: Is there air conditioning in cabins?
A: On A + ships cabins are airconditioned (except sometimes during the night after midnight if there is limited access to electricity). Other categories - cabins are not airconditioned, but salons and hallways below deck usually have air conditioning. Aircondition is turned on only while motor or generator works, or while the boat is connected to electricity in harbor. If the boat is docked in the sea or some smaller fish harbor, that doesn't have electricity plug, airconditioning is turned off, because otherwise generator would disturb peace and quiet.