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Eating on board

Q: What kind of food is served on boat?
A: Food on boat is similar to traditional Croatian food. Breakfast is continental one and consists of tea and coffee, fruit juice, bread, butter, jam, and eventually ham and cheese. If you want an English breakfast, it is possible to order it while making a cruise reservation or on spot. Lunch is traditionally plentiful. Is consists of soup or pasta as starter, main dish with side dishes, salad and desert. Main dish is two or three times weekl a fihs, and in other cases meat or chicken. Side dishes are potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. Desert is fruit or a cake. Dinner is not included because we encourage you to explore local restaurants.

Q: What is 'captains dinner'?
A: Once a week captain offers "Captains dinner" mostly a fish menu, which is a chance for guests and the crew to gather in ceremonial mood. "Captains dinner" can be ordered while making a reservation or arrange it and pay it on a spot. For A + category bookings – one captain's dinner is included in the price!

Q: Do you provide food for people with special dietary needs?
A: Unfortunately we are not in a possibility to prepare special food for vegetarians and people with special diet demands, because of limited space in boat kitchens. If you are vegetarian you will be served more side dishes and salad instead of meat. We kindly ask you to note us while making a reservation that you have special food demands, in a way that the crew can serve you meal on a first day of your cruise according to your demands and their possibilities.

Q: Can we bring our own drinks on board?
A: It is not allowed to bring and to consume your own drinks on boat. You can get your drinks at boat salon which is at the same time restaurant, living room and a bar. Bar is equipped with different alcohol and non alcohol beverages. In a case that you would like to consume some special type of drink that normally can not be found in the boat bar, according to your earlier demand crew can get that beverage, and serve you with it during the cruise.

Q: How do we pay for drinks?
A: Drinks will be noted on your account, usually there is a list with passengers names next to the bar and it is paid at the end of the trip. Price is simmilar to the price of drinks in coffee bars, taverns or restaurants on the coast.