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The ships

Q: What are the ships like?
A: All our boats are motor boats made of wood or iron. Boats are different sizes and shapes. Some of the boats in the fleet are more than hundred years old, but that refers only on their name and the shape of the boat, because in the reconstructions the tiniest piece of these boats. have been changed In their past they have been used for different functions all until they became tourists ships.

Q: Who owns the boats?
A:Boat owners are mostly captains whom this job is a part of a family tradition, so it’s not rarity that the crew members are part of one family or one family is owner of few boats.

Q: How many crew members work on boat?
A: Depending on its size, boat has about five crew members, and it is usually captain, chef, waiter and sailors.  

Q: How do we communicate with crew?
A: At least one crew member is able to communicate in English or other foreign language. You will be introduced to all of your crew members when you arrive on boat at your welcome speech given by representatives.

Q: Can I choose to be on a specific boat?
A:If you have a wish to be on some specific boat from our fleet, we kindly ask you to express your wish to us while making a reservation. We will try to accommodate you on a specific boat, although we can’t completely guarantee you the name of the boat because of possible group reservations.  

Q: How often boats use their sails?
A: Although we call them sailing boats, boats usually sail on motor drive in a way to carry out given route and sails pull up depending on weather conditions at least once a week. Please note that some of our steel boats don't even have sails (Princess Tuna,...)

Q: What is difference between A+ and A, and B category boats?
A: A category boats have cabins with their own bathroom/ toillete and in most cases are bigger and more comfortable than B category boats. B category boats have common bathrooms and toillets on deck to be shared by all the passangers. Also – most A category ships used to be B category ships before but then they were completely reconstructed with new cabins, decks and restaurant areas – adding bathroom facilities and more comfort in general. B category ships have bunk beds (with minimal excepštions on certain boats) and A category ships also have mostly bunk beds (with exceptions), however some lower bunks are also double beds – and these are the triple cabins. Katarina Line can not guarantee double or twin beds but will make a note of client wishes.
A + ships are the NEWEST additions to the fleet – these are new ships usually built from scratch – and are even more spacious and more comfortable then the regular A category ships. The cabins are slightly bigger, beds are eitther TWIN or DOUBLES (no bunks), and have full aircondition thoughout the ships. Note that AC is limited when there is no electrical access and the ship is forced to run the power on generators only till midnight (due to the noise generated by generators). A + ships also have 2 extra services provided – free sightseeing of old town Dubrovnik with english speaking guide upon arrival to Dubrovnik and 1 captains dinner included!

Q: Which category should I choose?
A: For those who seek a bit more privacy and comfort should choose A+ or A category boats. B category boats are intended to young people, groups of friends or different interest groups like alpinists, bikers and similar who don't mind sharing a small space for 7 days.

Q: How many people are there per boat?
A: The number of persons on boat varies from 20 to 40, depending on a size of the boat.

Q: What kind of fellow passangers should I expect on boat?
Our passangers are different age and nationality, although guests of English speaking area predominate. On B category boats predominate younger passengers like backpackers, while on A category boats we have mix of different age groups, couples and groups of friends. If you want to be accommodated on a boat with predominating age or nationality, we kindly ask you to note that to us while making a reservation. We try to group passengers on boats according to specific characteristic but that is not always possible.