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Getting around

By bus
If you are not staying in the Old Town, it's relatively simple get there by bus, as just about every one leads to the Old Town. However, it might be advisable to get a timetable just in case. Timetable available here LINK. The ticket costs 8kn (just over €1) for tickets bought at any kiosk or info center that sells them, or 10kn if bought on the bus. The ticket bought at the kiosks is valid for one hour from the first use, but the ticket bought on the bus is valid for 1hr. There are also daily passes available. They cost 25 kuna and are valid 24hours from the first use. You can buy them at selected kiosks. All local busses are colored orange. Every bus stop is marked and covered and has a timetable aswell as a map with the routes and bus numbers that cover them.

On foot
Negotiating the busy streets outside the walls can be confusing, especially at night. But once you are in the vicinity of Old Town, you can devise your own walking tour using the suggestions in this book. You also can employ a private guide to accompany you on a walk, or you can book a guided Old Town walking tour through the tourist office or through a private tourist agency

By car
Congestion and parking make driving in Dubrovnik stressful, and Old Town is pedestrianized anyway, but if you renting aa car to do some trips to Pelješac, Korčula or even Montenegro, than it's a ood idea.

By taxi
Taxi stands are at the airport, bus station, and at the Pile Gate.  Rides start with 25kn (3,5€) on the meter and go up 8kn ($1.50) per kilometer. If you agree to a meterless ride, negotiate a price beforehand to avoid rip-offs and unwanted excursions.