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Health and safety

There are no health issues in Croatia, but we want you to feel safe.
If you're going camping or hiking in continental Croatia during summer, you should be aware of ticks and tick-carrying diseases such as encephalitis and lyme-disease. Approximately 3 ticks in 1000 carry the virus.
In Eastern Slavonia (particularly around the Kopacki Rit near Osijek) wear long sleeves and take insect repellent.
For UK nationals emergency medical treatment is normally free on presentation of a UK passport. Similar agreements exist for many other European nationals. Non-emergency care and prescribed medicines must be paid for. All travellers are advised to take out full medical insurance. Rabies is present. If you are bitten, seek medical advice without delay.
Tap water is absolutely safe for drinking, and in Dubrovnik it is one of the "best tasting" tap water in Croatia. You can also drink water from the two Onofrio's fountains in the Old Town. However, you can still choose from several brands of excellent bottled water (Jamnica being the most popular, and Jana, several times awarded as the world's best bottled water).
Remember to wear sunscreen; During summer make sure you use adequate SPF to protect yourself from sunburn. There are no ozone holes over Croatia but it's fairly easy to burn in the sun. If this happens make sure you get out of the sun, drink plenty of fluids and rehydrate your skin. The locals will often advise covering the burnt spot with cold yogurt bought from the supermarket or with olive oil.
...and safety
The Dalmatian coast is safe and secure, but a cautious eye should be kept on one's belongings at all times. The Police are generally helpful in times of crisis: keep in mind that they also perform occasional checks of identity documents, so keep some identification on you at all times. In case of an emergency you can dial 112 - responsible for dispatching all emergency services such as fire departments, police, emergency medical assistance and mountain rescue.