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Dubrovnik Countryside

Župa Dubrovačka

Župa Dubrovačka is a group of towns and a municipality of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. in total it has 6,663 inhabitants living in Brašina, Buići, Čelopeci, Čibača, Donji Brgat, Gornji Brgat, Grbavac, Kupari, Makoše, Martinovići, Mlini, Petrača, Plat, Soline, Srebreno and Zavrelje.....

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Čilipi, a place next to Dubrovnik airport, is the biggest settlement in Konavle and surely the best place to meet the traditions of Konavle. In the centre of the place with the largest church in Konavle (church of St. Nicholas), a square formed up, surrounded by official and family stone houses, in order to create a unique urban micro unit.....

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Molunat is well known a fishing and tourist settlement in the south 40 km from Dubrovnik. It is connected by bus lines three times a day.
Molunat offers private accommodation in family apartment houses, pensions and camping-sites....

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The historical small town of Cavtat is situated in a well protected and accessible bay formed by two wooded peninsulas (Rat and Sustjepan) at the southern end of the Župa bay. In its harmonious architecture, the centuries-old natural, spiritual and material affiliation to the Dubrovnik Republic can be observed.....

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Konavle is the most southern part of today's Dubrovnik Riviera, with whose purchase the Dubrovnik Republic rounded off its territory in the 15th century. It is a region with particular natural beauties and contrasts: mountain and valley, green hills and naked stone, the blue and the green or, as called by the inhabitants of Konavle, "Gornja" and "Donja Banda"....

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