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Dubrovnik Islands



The view from Ploče already makes one wish to visit the island of Lokrum.In 1959 a Botanical Garden was founded on Lokrum which contains native and imported, tropical and subtropical plants, and other vegetation originating from Australia to South America. The island is also inhabited by families of peacocks.


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Mljet Island

Island Mljet

One of the most beautifull Adriatic islands is also known as the 'Green Island,' due to the fact that is largely forested. Mljet is famous for its two saltwater lakes with an island on one of the lakes. It is believed that Mljet has been visited by Ulysses (Odysseus) and St. Paul on one of their journeys.

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korcula Korčula is among the largest Croatian Adriatic island with its 276km2. The name comes from the Greek Corcyra Melania (Black Korčula) because of the dark colour of the island which is overgrown by the pine-tree woods and holm-oak...

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lastovo Lastovo is the most distant of the islands of the southern Dalmatia littoral. Lastovo, like the rest of Roman Dalmatia province, was settled by Illyrians. The Romans conquered and settled the entire area, retaining control until the Avar invasions and Slavic migrations in the 7th century. The Croat tribes secured most of the Dalmatian seaboard....

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Šipan island

sipan The largest and richest with monuments in the Elaphites Archipelago, it stretches from the point Stari Brod to the point Prtuša, from NW to NE. It is located between Lopud an Jakljan island and encircled by numerous islets, reefs and steep rocks: Ruda, Jakljan, Tajan, Crkvine, Goleč, Kosmeč and Mišnjak....

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Lopud Island

lopud Closeness to Dubrovnik, mild climate, abudant vegetation and the exceptional beauties attract numerous people to visit the island, It has been inhabited since the ancient times, as it is proven by numerous archeological findings. Lopud has around 2.584 sunny hours per year......

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Koločep Island


Koločep was the Greek called Calaphodia. Later it became a Roman colony and with the development of the Dubrovnik Republic was taken into its orbit. Its past is still marked by three old churches and one turret from the 16th century, used for defence against the pirates...

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