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plat The continuation of the Župa promenade leads through the village of Plat, the last village of the Župa valley. Formerly this was a small excursion centre, now it is a large hydro power station. The karst rivers are led into the Grančarevo lake below Bileća and are used to turn the large turbines of the new power station (Grančarevo - Dubrovnik)...

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mlini The promenade from Kupari and Srebreno continues further to Mlini (2km). This lively tourist resort obtained it's name from the ancient mills (Mlin), which operated on the sources now used for a small power station....

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srebreno A short footpath of 1km along the shore leads us from Kupari to the neighbouring resort of Srebreno. The name of this ancient settlement is of Roman origin as the upper part of the Župa was called Brenum prior to the Slav migration....

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kupari Kupari was an exclusively tourist resort before the Croatian War of Independence. In former centuries there was a alrge workshop for roof tiles (Kupa), from which the name Kupari is derived. After the first world war these work shops closed down and were deserted.....

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Rijeka Dubrovačka

rijeka-dubrovvacka Immediately in front of the entrance into the Dubrovnik northwestern harbor Gruž is a 5km deep and ranging from 200 to 400 meters wide bay which in reality is the flooded mouth of the river Ombla. Since as late as the Middle Ages place was still designated Rijeka (river). This is the reason that the bay is called Rijeka Dubrovačka.....

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slano Slano is a village in southern Croatia and a small harbour in the bay of the same name. It is located 27 km northwest of Dubrovnik and lies in a deep and excellently sheltered bay. Human habitation dates here back to prehistoric times (ruins of a hill-fort and tumuli on the nearby hills were found).....

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Trsteno is a village northwest of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia. The name probably comes from the word trska which means reed. It is located on the magistral road between the villages Orašac and Slano.Trsteno is most famous for its arboretum, the oldest in this part of the world.....

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Prevlaka is a small peninsula in southern Croatia, at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor in the eastern Adriatic. The word prevlaka means isthmus. The cape Oštro, located at the tip of the peninsula, is the southernmost point of mainland in Croatia.....

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