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Avansa Travel Balkans Tours make it easy to explore a range of destinations, from the most interesting sightseeing options Croatia offers to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and beyond. Stretch your horizons with exciting escorted coach tours through Balkans region.

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Balkans Peninsula

has been a melting pot of various civilizations starting from ancient Illyrians, Greeks, and Romans. Southern Slavs like Croatians, Serbs and others consider this area as their homeland since the 6 century A.D. The area got additional „spice“ with the expansion of oriental Otoman empire during the Late Middle Ages. All of these civilizations have left a strong influence on modern societies and their culture. Above all, Balkans is an area where three religions, Roman Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Islam, have been living next to each other in better and worse for last 700 years.

All our Balkans tours combine inspiring sightseeing with ultimate comfort of the best coaches in class and comfortable accommodation in high category Hotels. Tour managers, accompanying the group are experienced and knowledgeable in history and culture of the area, and will provide you with interesting insights into each destination.