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Mljet & Elaphites Active Tour
active holiday | 3 islands & Arboretum | 8 DAYS

Mljet & Elaphites Active Tour


June 1st – Oct. 5th


from Dubrovnik


from 990 €

Take a journey back in time to the unspoiled green nature and clear blue waters with our friendly guides. Discover mesmerising Elaphite islandsmagical Island of Mljet and its National Park by kayak and bicycle.

Language: English




DAY 1 | Dubrovnik | Lopud

Arrival – transfer from Dubrovnik Airport or your hotel in Dubrovnik to the Port of Gruž for the ferry to the island of Lopud, meet your guide and check in at the accommodation on the island of Lopud.

Overnight: Lopud.

DAY 2 | Lopud

The group meets for breakfast. Kayaking starts with the instructions in shallow protected bay. After the instructions we explore Lopud’s coastline paddling to sandy beach Šunj, located at the opposite side of the island. On Šunj there will be some free time to relax, have lunch and chill out on the beach. In the afternoon we return to Lopud on foot, exploring the islands’s pathways and enjoying magnificent views.  

Overnight: Lopud.

DAY 3 | Lopud | Koločep | Lopud

After breakfast we take a walk to Sunj beach from where we start paddling to Koločep – the island with one of the most dramatic coastlines in Croatia. The outer side of the island will delight you with its steep impressive cliffs with pine trees touching crystal clear waters, caves and coves. On the inner side there are two beaches and two small fishing villages – Gornje and Donje Čelo. There will be some free time to swim and to explore the islands’ caves. We will have lunch in traditional local fish restaurant (vegetarian and meat dishes are also available). In late afternoon we paddle back to Šunj beach.  

Overnight: Lopud.

DAY 4 | Lopud | Trsteno | Lopud

After a pleasant walk to Šunj beach we paddle to Trsteno, on the mainland. Trsteno is famous for its arboretum laid down in Renaissance manner is 15th century. We will explore this beautiful park with its exotic plants and ancient trees, 17c baroque fountain depicting God Neptun with its nymphs. The arboretum was one of the locations where The Game of Thrones was filmed. There will be some free time for lunch. In late afternoon we kayak back to Lopud..

Overnight: Lopud. 

DAY 5 | Lopud | Mljet

After breakfast we take the ferry to Dubrovnik and catamaran to the island of Mljet. Relax on the beach

Overnight: Island of Mljet (Pomena).

DAY 6 | Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park is large area that borders two salt water lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake) . The Lakes stretch for about 4 kilometres. Right in the middle of the Large Lake there is a small island / islet Melita (Sveta Marija) with large building of former Benedictine monastery,

erected there in 12th century. Hike the National Park and enjoy breathtaking views over the two lakes..

Overnight: Mljet

DAY 7 | Mljet

All lovers of caving will be very interested in the island of Mljet, mostly because of the famous Odysseus Cave. It is egg-shaped cave, located on the southern coast of the island of Mljet, near the village of Babino Polje. It is named after the legend of Odysseus who was allegedly shipwrecked near the cave and remained “trapped” because of the nymph Calypso, who ruled the island. During the day the sunlight creates a spectrum of colours in the sea so this cave is a favorit spot for many photographers.

Overnight: Mljet

DAY 8 | Mljet | Dubrovnik departure

Catamaran to Dubrovnik; transfer to Dubrovnik airport

* In case of unfavourable weather conditions we reserve the right to change the itinerary


A typical day


Our base is the guesthouse, where we meet each morning for breakfast. The main activity in the morning is paddling. During the sea kayaking, we stop at hidden beaches and caves for swimming, snorkelling and exploring the island.


While kayaking we stop at typical local taverns and restaurants. The food is delicious and the prices reasonable. There is also grocery store where one can buy a sandwich as well as small market with local fruit and vegetables.


After lunch we usually take the siesta, since it is the hottest part of the day. Then you can swim, snorkel, explore the island or simply sit in a shade and enjoy your afternoon coffee. After siesta, we continue our kayaking expedition. Late afternoon: We return to the guesthouse. There is usually some time between our return from kayaking and dinner so you can relax in your room or take a walk.


We dine in a cosy local restaurant. Two dinners are included in price. You can enjoy typical Mediterranean specialties, seafood, meat, fresh vegetables seasoned with olive oil. Vegetarian food is available as well. Ice cream on Lopud is a must.


Private guesthouses on the islands are licensed and approved for tourists. Rooms are typically shared, with two people per room. Rooms are simple, comfortable, and clean, with private bathroom, bed linens, and towels. Guesthouses are conveniently located. Everything is within walking distance. Hotel accommodation is also available on request, hotels on the islands are 3 star, small but pleasant.


edFoot wear
Cotton socks: 1 – 2 pairs (medium thickness)
Wet shoes: 1 pair (these can be a pair of thick soled dive booties or an old pair of sneakers. Dive booties protect your legs against sharp objects and sea urchins.)
Hiking shoes: 1 pair (these can be city walking shoes or running shoes).
Sandals: 1 pair


We recommend layered clothing
Pants: 2 pair
Shorts: 1 – 2 pairs. We recommend roomy, lightweight shorts that dry quickly
Long underwear top : 1 pair
Lightweight jacket: we recommend windproof and waterproof jacket
T-shirt: 2 – 3
Long Sleeved shirt: 2 light weight long sleeved travel/sun shirts
Bathing suit: 1-2

Head & hands

Sun hat – a baseball cap or a wide brim sun hat
Paddling gloves: 1 pair – optional

Miscellaneous required items
Sunscreen and lip balm : SPF at least 25
Sunglasses : 1 pair (Glasses should transmit no more than 10% visible light and should be UV protected.)
Towel for the beach : 1 (we recommend a small size pack towel)
Snorkeling gear: If you are an avid skin diver or want to spend a lot of time in the water we recommend that you bring your own mask,, snorkel, fins, neoprene booties and gloves.
Casual Travel Wear: No fancy clothing is needed for our dinners. Your casual pants, skirt, a T-shirt or a blouse will be perfect.

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